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Activities of IEDC

  • Business Skill Development Programme
  • Product Development
    • Aawaz (Project-1)
    • Intelligent Blind and Deaf stick (Project-2)
    • Separate Lubrication System for Turbocharger (Project-3)
    • Metro Manager (Project-4)
    • Wireless Electricity (Project-5)

Business Skill Development Programme

Business Skill Development Programme (BSDP) is a training programme which is being sponsored and supported by The Ministry of Micro, Small Medium Enterprises (MSME), New Delhi. With an aim to encourage the students to start self-employment ventures as Micro, Small or Medium enterprises which is instrumental to employment generation.

Product Development

In association with various Government agencies and by utilizing the technical resources of Chandigarh Engineering College (CEC), we have developed a lot of new innovative socially useful products. A few of the examples are mentioned below:

Aawaz (Project-1)

AAWAZZ is software primarily developed considering the difficulty faced by dumb people in communicating and hence diminishing their employability. This software provides an ailment to such people to communicate and thus increase their employability.

Self Confidence of dumb candidates, they can be the self-sustained citizen on the society with little effort, provide the hope of life in dumb candidates.

It is basically a desktop application which works on the real time and follows a “Text-to-Speech” approach. This acts as a framework and platform for all other computer language to use AAWAZZ as a speech generating tool. The computer languages which do not support the text-to-speech module of their own can use this framework for speech generation. It has different modules and modes to make the application more user-friendly.

Intelligent Blind and Deaf stick (Project-2)

Intelligent Blind and Deaf stick is a concept of an application which will work as a real assistant for the blind and deaf people to make their  life like normal ones.

People who are deaf or blind make up a large market in the world. Gallaudet University’s Research Institute estimates that three out of every 1,000 people are functionally deaf. The American Foundation for the Blind estimates that about 21.5 million people have “trouble seeing,” even with glasses. In the state of Pennsylvania alone, 269,318 people have vision problems that cannot be corrected by glasses. Serving this community not only can be profitable but also fill a need. Developing new ideas for a blind or deaf business product or service can be very rewarding.

It will feature a real assistant which will assist the commuter to reach his destination with the need of internet connectivity. It will primarily work using GPS coordinates to determine the current location and the destination.

For example, a person ABC has to go from his home to market. At home, the user will simply hold the stick. The gprs which will locate on the stick will automatically detect the location of the person. GPRS will guide him by providing him the information about the route. In case of emergency like a person has got an heart attack then the heart sensor will detect the heart of the person and the message through the gsm module will be send to the nearby hospital. So in this way our product can bring the new light in the life of the deaf and blind person.

Separate Lubrication System for Turbocharger (Project-3)

Separating the lubrication system for turbocharger is Technical aspect of the utility model for solving the technical problem. There is leakage problem of engine lubricating oil from turbo charger. So there is need for separating lubrication system.

Turbo charger shaft runs at very high speed. During its working operation dust particle enter in casing and make wear off the bush. In this way lubricating oil drain from turbo charger.

By separating the lubrication system we can overcome above mention problem and also it give adequate lubrication and make oil contamination free.

Metro Manager (Project-4)

Metro Manager is a concept of an application which will work as a virtual assistant for commuters of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) to make the commutation process smooth and feasible who are not well versed with the complicated route of Delhi Metro.

It will feature a virtual assistant which will assist the commuter to reach his destination without the need of internet connecivity. It will primarily work using GPS coordinates to determine the current location and the destination.

For example, a person ABC has to go from Rajouri Garden to Dilshad Garden. At  Rajouri Garden, the user will simply open the application. The application will automatically detect the location of the person and will ask for the destination. Metro Manager will guide him by providing fare details, navigation throughout his route like providing information of changing lines at Rajiv Chowk or Kashmiri Gate and notify him as he approaches his destination without using internet. Metro Manager focuses on offline navigation system. Internet connectivity is lost underground and also at high speeds but with the help of latitude/ longitude cooridnates and GPS repeaters, GPS connectivity can be maintained underground.

At a later stage and prior to approval by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), integration of payment system to know current balance, recharge the cards of Delhi Metro can be integrated in the application so that the user does not have to stand in the usual long queues to recharge his card or to know his balance. The application will make the commutation virtually hassle free for the commuters.

This will help a person who is not well versed with the complicated map of Delhi metro to easily navigate throughout his journey.

Wireless Electricity (Project-5)

The idea is to put the electricity in the air in the form of magnetic fields just the same process very much similar to WIFI router, as it put the internet signals in air the product will transmit electricity in air and all the electrical devices within the range will be able to receive electricity wirelessly and operate to their functionality for what they are designed. This idea can bring a revolution in today’s world and can eliminate the trillions of dollar that are being spent every year for transmission of electricity through wires and their maintenance. Even this can eliminate the batteries built every year in millions and they both get disposed of after delivering very less power per capita. This device will be helpful in charging mobile phones, turning on tube lights, etc. This device has also some unseen fortune which brings with itself. This device can charge a pacemaker wirelessly and the person doesn’t have to undergo operation after 2 years to replace the batteries, even cars that operate on batteries can be charges wirelessly in garage and even they can be on roads to charge the cars. This device can be made to transmit electricity from power stations to local transformer wirelessly and they can be even modified to transmit power to electrical trains wirelessly. This device has numerous possibilities to render to this world and could change the phase of today’s world.

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