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Patents of Department of Information Technology

Patent 1.

1382/DEL/2015, “SYSTEM AND METHOD OF SELF DESTRUCTION PROGRAM ON PIRACY (SDPP)”, The proposed system activate the program to destroy itself after getting the signal of pirated computer program

Patent 2.

2601/DEL/2015, “Advanced Server Protection Framework”, , invented a framework which protects the server from the different types of attacks especially DDoS attack and from the overloading due to bulk request from the clients. This framework also increases the reliability and capacity of the server.

Patent 3.

3192/DEL/2015, “AUTOMATED MEHNDI APPLYING MACHINE”, Aautomatic Mehndi Machine is proposed which will apply the mehndi according to the design feed in the system.

Patent 4.

3191/DEL/2015, “Network Suraksha Kawach (NSK): A Method to Enhance Network security from DDoS Attacks”, NSK is similar to a firewall which defends Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS) attacks. The NSK ensures that only authorized user can view the information so that it looks-upon machines, web servers and ensures that data is accessible to authorized users only. The NSK-method is determining the MAC-Addresses of every machine that communicates with organization and finding the unauthorized machine.

Patent 5.

3810/DEL/2015, Shashi Bhushan, Jaspreet Singh, Ishant Raju, Nishant Raju, “BIOMETRIC CARD (B-CARD)”, Patent filed under Intellectual Property Right (IPR) on November 20, 2015.

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