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Co-curricular Activites


College life praised as ” Hub of Civic Activity”

Gone are the days when only academic programs were the only activities organised in colleges and all students focused on that. With the changing trend we have noticed a major difference in the field of academics too. Students don’t want to be bookworms; they look for other options that could help them in the future. Besides, this in this high tech world, every student wants to acquire knowledge in every field to stay updated. Co-circular activities play a vital role in the life of students, read on to know how.



Most of the employers love to hire people who are all rounded. Sustained involvement in more than one activity reflects the talent and potential of the student. Hiring officials look for these talents in people. Besides, this when applying for admission in colleges for higher degrees, these students get a preference too. While pursuing these activities in college along with education students learn prioritization and time management skills too. These academically and co-circularly talented students have well-groomed personality, which helps them to face the world in a better way.

ECE Department has a Radiance Professional Society for the Professional upliftment of the students. The society is involved is arranging industrial visits, workshops and seminars for the students in their concerned field. Recently one workshop on Robotics, a Seminar on Industrial Automation, an Interactive Lecture on Matlab and many cultural programmes like Tarang  has been arranged by this Society for ECE students and has launched departmental magazine ‘JARVIS’.


Radiance Professional Society:


Radiance professional society is techno cultural society of ECE deptt. This society organizes different events for students time to time. This society has been created for:-

  • Developing Technical and Communication skills
  • Self grooming of students
  • Inculcate leadership qualities
  • Develop Managerial skills
  • Improve confidence level
  • Talent Hunt
  • Innovations
  • Team Spirit





Parivartan is an annual fest of Cultural,Technical & Non- Technical events organized by the Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Landran.

The Annual Cultural Fest Parivartan where the artists of national repute are invited to present a musical festival, which is enjoyed by the guests, students, faculty, staff and the jam packed audience



      The Great Sufi Singer Arif Lohar, Gave Marvelous Performance





Student Project

Chandigarh Engineering College endeavors to strike a perfect balance between theory and its application. Students of CEC from first year onward are motivated to engage themselves in project making and problem solving through various technical events throughout the calendar year. We also host Parivartan; the largest techno-cultural event to further the technical interest of students and provide a platform to display their technical expertise.

Chandigarh Engineering College in conjunction with various external agencies provides the opportunities to its students to work on live industrial projects giving them a better research and technical aptitude.

Some of the prominent projects undertaken by students of Chandigarh Engineering College in conjunction with Department of Science and technology, Govt. of India are listed below:

    1. Intelligent solar bag pack


  2. Green House Monitoring System




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