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Co-Curricular Activities


Phoenix Club Online Examination

An online exam is held on regular basis as club activity under Phoenix Club, Department of CSE. This test is conducted, keeping in mind that it would help students to test their technical skills & it will project the atmosphere of various online tests conducted by various IT companies for recruitment process.


Debate Competition

A debate competition was organized by Phoenix Club keeping in mind the enhancements of skills of the students and making them company ready, in order they can undergo the various recruitment processes easily such as group discussions, Competition was organized by the students of M.Tech which helped them boost their leadership & organizational skills.



Zest-O-Fiesta, the annual technical festival is conducted by the Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Chandigarh Engineering College, Landran, Mohali on 25th March,2015. Such techno-cultural events help in overall development of the students. They bring harmony to the environment and act as a boon towards sportsmanship in students. Such events are very necessary and an important part of one’s college life.

A day long fest that comprises of three categories of events:

  • Technical (Venue-Block-3)
  • Non-Technical (Venue-Block-3)
  • Cultural (Venue-Auditorium)
  • Prize Distribution (Venue-Auditorium)

All these events are organized by the students and the faculty members under the valuable guidance of our respected Head of the Department and the management.


  • Healthy and competitive environment
  • Interaction between students of different batches and between faculty and students.
  • Performance analysis of an individual
  • Exposure to new skills
  • Promote interpersonal skills
  • Unwind from routine
  • Gain in experience
  • Promote leadership qualities and management skills
  • The most important of all, having FUN!
  • Activity Details of February 2016

    Sr .No Event/Activity Name Date Remarks
    1 Clash Of Programmers (Coding) CEC-CSE 29/1/2016 Done
    2 Black and Flap(debate cum Extempore ) CEC –CSE 5/2/2016 Done
    3 Pre-NCAT Test CEC-CSE 15/2/2016 Done
    4 Fast fingers Competition CEC- CSE 17/2/2016 Done
    5 The Wordemort Competition 19/2/2016 Done
    6 Web Designing Competition
    CEC CSE 24/2/2016 Done

    Activity Details of March 2016

    Sr .No Event/Activity Name Date Remarks
    1 Zest-O-Fiesta 30/03/2016

    A programming technical event was conducted by the CSE department on 29-01-2016. The participation was in huge number. The competition was intense and the atmosphere was very competitive. There were two rounds in this event. The first round was of MCQ’s and the second round was of programming. This event will help in improving programming skills of students and be competitive for future.
    TIMINGS – 11AM -2PM
    Total no of participants -247
    Total no of rounds-2
    Students selected for second round- 26

    Name of co-ordinators
    • Jameel
    • Anuj
    • Ujjwal
    • Shantanu
    • Gagan
    • Ankush
    • Akshita
    • Tushar
    • Shubhangi
    • Raminder (ist prize)
    • Akahay (2nd prize)
    • Rohini and isha (3rd prize)

    Black n Flap
    It’s a debate cum extempore event. It includes 2 rounds. It was held on 5th feb,2016(Friday).
    Round 1 :- JAM(Just A Minute)
    In this round, each participant was given a topic on the spot, on which, they have to speak for one minute. This round helps in checking imagination power of each participant. Total 10 students were qualified for the next round.
    Round 2 :- Black & Flap
    In this round, each participant was given a topic on which they have to debate with themselves. When the jury said BLACK, they have to speak for the motion and when jury said FLAP they have to speak against the motion. The flipping between saying BLACK & FLAP was very quick. This round helps in checking fluency and thought processing of each participant.
    • Total no. of participants:- 43
    • Total no. of student coordinators:- 5
    • No. of Judges:- 4
    • Student selected for 2nd round-10
    • Winners – 3
    • Simarjit Kaur
    • Shelly Padda
    • Sonali Gupta
    • Lofty Kaur
    Student co-ordinators:-
    • Payal
    • Nitin Shrama
    • Rishabh Gulati
    • Saurabh Agrawal
    • Vikas Kumar
    Club co-ordinators:-
    • Mr. Upinderpal Singh
    • Mr. Samanpreet Singh

    Students Selected for Second Round
    Round 2:- Black & Flap
    1. Niharika
    2. Tejinderjit
    3. Sannidhya
    4. Megha
    5. Parneet Kaur
    6. Shimona
    7. Tushar Gupta
    8. Avnish Aggarwal
    9. Anupriya
    10. Nishtha

    Name Of Winners:-
    1st Position:- Shimona – CSE-G+H (4th Sem)
    2nd Position:- Nishtha – CSE-A+B(6th Sem)
    3rd Position:- Niharika – CSE-C+D(4th Sem)
    PRE-NCAT Test
    It was an practice test for all the students of our college Chandigarh Engineering College and students of College Of Engineering, CGC. To prepare them for the challenging test NCAT ahead them which is held on our country level . All studends of the respective colleges were invited and the partipants were the students who were registered on NCAT.
    TIMINGS – 10AM – 3PM
    Total No of Participants – 100
    Students Cleared Round 2 – 25

    Name of Coordinators
    • Tushar
    • Ankit Mehra
    • Harleen
    • Ankit Kashyap
    • Shimona
    • Siddhratha
    • Akshita

    Name of Winners

    Name Semester Section College Department
    Karan Trehan 4th C CEC CSE
    Vrinda 2th A CEC Applied Science
    Sakshi 2th C CEC Applied Science

    Fast Fingers
    IT was a technical event testing skills of students his grip on his typing and his Microsoft Word skills at an departmental level. The participants of our event were in a large hoarde. The competiton comprised of 2 rounds consisting first round was of typing and second was Microsoft Word test with an twist of no use of mouse.
    Timings 11AM – 2PM
    Total No of Rounds – 2
    Students participated – 220 Students
    Students cleared round two- 22

    Name of Coordinators
    • Jameel
    • Tushar
    • Anuj
    • Aman
    • Akshita
    • Ankush
    • Shantanu

    List of Winners
    Name Section Semester Roll No
    Adam K+L 6th 1305489
    Payal A+B 6th 130574
    Gurpinder A+B 6th 1305594
    Rishab G+H 6th 1305755

    The Wordemort
    It’s a sort of Spell Bee. It includes 2 rounds. It was held on 19th feb,2016(Friday).
    Round 1 :- Spell Bee
    In this round, participants were dictated by 25 words. This round helps in checking vocabulary of each participant. Total 18 students were qualified for the next round.
    Round 2 :- Ad Mad Show
    In this round, each participant was given a Product on which they have to represent themselves and have to sell that product. This round helps in checking fluency, team work, marketing skills and thought processing of each participant.
    • Total no. of participants:- 135
    • Total no. of student coordinators:- 5
    • No. of Judges:- 2
    • Student selected for 2nd round – 18
    • Winners – 3 Teams of
    • Simarjit Kaur
    • Gunjan Koshish
    Student co-ordinators:-
    • Payal
    • Nitin Sharma
    • Rishabh
    • Saurabh Agrawal
    • Shufana

    Club co-ordinators:-
    • Mr. Upinderpal Singh
    • Mr. Samanpreet Singh

    Students Selected for Second Round
    Round 2:- Ad Mad Show
    1. Harleen Kaur
    2. Hanish Gupta
    3. Nishtha Bhardwaj
    4. Kunal Kumar
    5. Kartik
    6. Shivam Rawal
    7. Mayank Bhardwaj
    8. Harleen Kaur
    9. Ripu Daman Singh
    10. Ravdeep Kaur Raina
    11. Kartickey
    12. Satinderjit Singh
    13. Ankit kashyap
    14. Nishant
    15. Anu Priya
    16. Vaibhav Puri
    17. Himanshu
    18. Vaishali

    Name Of Winners
    1st Position – Nishant, Shivam, Himanshu
    2nd Position – Anu Priya, Ankit Kashyap, Mayank Bhardwaj
    3rd Position – Ripu Daman Singh, Vaibhav Puri, Harleen Kaur

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